A Year in the Desert - excerpt from my diary

I saw words form in the dirt beneath my feet. The earth opens and I see a night sky of stars with whirling winds. I enter. I feel a gravity pulling as winds of different colors swirl around me.

A bright light. I enter. There are spirits there. I feel them rather than see them. I can feel them smiling, welcoming me. They know me. There is the joy. I seemed to be walking down a corridor. But I see nothing but a great brightness. The light grows even brighter. I sense a depth like a valley covered by a huge dome – all light. I enter.

Smaller pinpoints of light race by me like shooting stars. They trace an orbit – so many of them racing around and across but none collide. I become one of them. I can hear the sound, which can only be described as a pure, high bell like sound, but not metallic. More like a humming sound, but without a vibration. Just a sound. There is a shift. I understand that this multitude of racing streaks of light act as a generator, but for what I do not know.

I step back, retrace my journey and return.
I look at the back of my hands and arms. I see small streams of light below the skin. I turn my hands over and in each palm is a small globe of life with the same streams of stars racing around. I merge with the vision bringing the globes of light and sound back to earth, back into the room where I sit.
The music of the spheres is alive. 
It purifies, energizes, makes holy and gives light.

More than that I cannot say – human words are not enough.


  1. Wow..............words fail me . I do know of what you speak...........

  2. i am astounded! i was once blessed to experience almost exactly this very same - you paint so beautifully a picture of the essence of what i also could never find the words to say...

    thank you for sharing.

  3. have heard your call...The Call....such a powerful, soft pull....i can not turn back....

  4. Re-reading this, Vincent, no human words can express this powerful experience. Closest I can get is my death expereince, which I've already shared with you. I returned with the Light of unconditional love alive inside me, to BE it, for the rest of my life......