What is a Saint?

Question: Hello brother. Happy to write to you. I want to know your opinion about something very important. What is for you to be a Saint ?

If God reveals to a person, is that person a Saint ?

Vincent Cole: There are many saints who never directly experienced God revealing himself to them. And there are many who thought it was God speaking to them, only to be led down the wrong path.
So, my answer is no.

True saints have never thought themselves to be a saint. In the light of God, they are humbled and see not a special grace from God, but rather, how much more they need to reach that light.

Peace be with you,

"The saints in each generation, joined with those who have gone before, and filled like them with light, become a golden chain, in which each saint is a separate link, united to the next by faith, works and love." ---Simeon the Theologian